Thoughts from Paul Klee

I came to appreciate the work of Paul Klee by degrees, and through another person -- his close friend, fellow artist, and fellow teacher, Wassily Kandinsky.  In fact, I became drawn to the work of Paul Klee only after having learned of his selfless intervention on behalf of Kandinsky.  

If you have an interest in the modern artists whose shadows extend through the twentieth century and long into this one, then I recommend that you read The Bauhaus Group:  Six Masters of Modernism by Nicholas Weber.  

To pique your interest in the work of Paul Klee, I selected one of his quotations and juxtaposed it with an original watercolor painting.  If you would like to print this image, you can do so by clicking on the above picture.  

If you would like to explore the work of Klee further, then I encourage you to join my Skillshare class and create along with me and other artists interested in the contributions of the modern masters.


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