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Special Art Treasures from Art-o-mat Swap Meet

Below you will find just some of my beautiful treasures found at SECCA on June 10 during the 20th Anniversary Exhibition and Swap Meet for Artists in Cellophane (AIC).  AICs are those who make original work for Art-o-mat machines. (This is not an exhaustive photographic record of my collection; I have earrings and other Art-o-mat treasures collected from former years.  I hope to have them all on display in the near future.) Art Life becomes Real Life Artists spend a lot of time inside their heads, thinking of new compositions.  Then they spend time in contemplative isolation, working to make the images in their minds come alive in real life. At the Art-o-mat Swap Meet on June 10, 2017, Artists in Cellophane could speak with each other - not only to meet in person for the first time, but also to find out what impulses drove other artists to create.  This is not a privilege that artists (even those working on a similar project) often enjoy. The art world

First Day of Summer

Meditation on the First Day of Summer  Sometimes the gentle breeze whispers after the heat of the day and the fireflies appear in your favorite old haunts. Bowers of green oak leaves fold over themselves above your head to beckon you deeper into the forest. The magnolia bud you've been watching finally bursts open with a powerful ambrosia that mingles with the sweet honeysuckle. The sun falls low and in its final dazzle paints the highest pine limbs with lavish splashes of pink. And you wonder what force on earth ever pulled you from home in the first place.

Everything you want to know about Art-o-mat

I have big news that I am so excited to share with you.  For a long time, I have wanted to hear Clark Whittington, the visionary founder of Art-o-mat , talk more in depth about this incredible, contemporary art project. This is Art-o-mat's 20th anniversary, and as you can guess, there are several events and celebrations surrounding this milestone.  You can also find a plethora of articles on Art-o-mat that provide a thumbnail sketch of the 300+ artist initiative. Podcast Interview But I wanted more than short articles and quick soundbytes.  So on Wednesday, June 7, my husband, Steve, sat down with Clark at Art-o-mat International Headquarters (also known as Clark's house). There, Clark opened up on so many questions I have had about this cultural arts phenomenon.  Steve recorded the interview as a podcast so you can hear it, too. "We want people to live with art." - Clark Whittington (43:58) In this 50 minute interview , you will hear Clark discuss in dep