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CAT & Our House

Steve & I are so proud of Clarice's latest artwork. She drew the cat and wrote " C-A-T " at the top all by herself and then came and showed me. This is her first word besides "Clarice, Mom" and "Dad" that she has written all by herself. Then Our House has 3 doors: one for Mommy, one for Daddy and one for Clarice. Can you spot the steps (on either side of the house)? Then we have a big garage. Mom's car doesn't have any tires. But Daddy's truck has 3 tires. The "flowers" are actually supposed to be steering wheels. Hope you enjoy these!

Clarice's 3 1/2 year old summer pictures

Our little girl is growing up!

My Build a Bear

Theatre staff gave me this Build a Bear that looks like my picture from the brochure below. She is also Classically Hip! The piano in the background was not part of their gift to me. :)

High Point Theatre brochure

Here is yours truly modeling for High Point Theatre's new season. Did you know I play the clarinet? I didn't, either! Theatre staff also gave me a Build-A-Bear that looked just like me (same outfit as you see here). What nice folks!