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Watercolor Bookmarks

I was recently inspired to create some watercolor + Sharpie pen bookmarks. I focused on organic shapes and swirls over a pastel, painted background. I was so happy to find English watercolor artist named Helen Wells , who lives in the town of Hastings.  (For all you who love Foyle's War -- that's where Inspector Foyle lived and worked!)  Please check out her lovely and color-filled work on her website . This was a great trial run for a project I'll share with some school children in the near future.

February Sketches

Lately, I have decided to use a gridded sketchbook to work on my draftsmanship.  I picked up this fun Fabriano notebook at Hobby Lobby. Metal engraving has fascinated me for some time.  I have enjoyed discovering some antique patterns on Zippo lighters and Colt revolvers. I respect the artisans who blended organic delicacy with such a solid, hard ground (metal).

Online Workshop Showcase

In January, my online Klimt and Matisse class adult art students completed a workshop, making a modern wood, gourd or other type of craft.  Their work amazed me in its originality and diversity. I want to spotlight their outstanding contributions and share with you the winners of my workshop prizes below. Rebecca V. focused on Klimt's swirly lines and dimensionality. I always love her colors and imaginative designs.    After some sketching, she created a wooden whale reminiscent of days of play and splashing in the sea. Christine B. channeled the sparking metallic glamour of Klimt's work into some lovely little birdhouses. The metallic accents, earth tones and organic designs dance in a welcoming rhythm for little feathered friends. For Christine's contribution to the class, she won a handmade bottlecap necklace.  (Christine chose the flower.) Sonya O. created a fun pen holder for her metallic Sharpie pens, by translating the plant-like patterns