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Springtime Art Edition for Art-o-mat

Clark Whittington, the founder of Art-o-mat , sent out a call to all Artists in Cellophane for inspirational work.  An Episcopal church in Winston-Salem will host several Art-o-mat machines this Easter.  Those attending the service will be offered the opportunity to gift vend from a machine. The Rector will describe the Resurrection.  He will also reference how Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was originally an industrial tobacco town and now is the City of Arts of Innovation. Below you will find my submissions from my Little Inspirations series for this special event. Springtime Edition of Little Inspirations Early drawing stages for my Little Inspirations starting some sunflowers another layer or so of watercolor "sketchy" succulents more layers of color Prepping the blocks: I will adhere each small painting to a block. For the first time, I tried some watercolor spray effects in the background (tin

Feedback & Letters

Feedback to improve my work Feedback makes me so happy.  One way that I get feedback from art connoisseurs is by posting questions on  Instagram .  Lately, I've been polling folks to see if I should add more detail or less detail to my watercolor and ink floral paintings. Here's an example of a recent Instagram poll: Should I add detailed ink "dots" on these sunflowers below? Or, should I keep the lines as clean as possible? Folks are helping me figure these things out.  If you have an opinion to make my work better, please let me know! Letters from Collectors I really appreciate hearing from those who have bought one of my little Art-o-mat works.  Two recent letters have warmed my heart. This email is from Cate in NC who "ker-plunked" an  Endearing Young Charm  keychain: Hi Nicole!  Just wanted to let you know I got your flower bottle top keychain the other day from the Artomat at  Hutch & Harris ! I lo