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2 Week Modern Art Challenge Winners

Over the past two weeks, I have had the privilege to work with 50 artists who joined my "2 Week Modern Art Challenge" workshop online. In the coming weeks, I will show you some of my students' work.  I could not believe the caliber of the work my students demonstrated.  Each Skillshare participant who posted a project has shown fearlessness and resolve to tackle the unknown of painting abstract art.  I learned so much from each student's project.  Because my students were willing to show their mental and physical processes (sketches, ideas, inspirations, themes), they learned from each other and taught me how to be a better teacher. I am looking forward to teaching another Skillshare class soon, again on abstract art.  And because of student contributions, I know what new and different techniques to bring into focus in a new class. It was very difficult to choose the winners of this giveaway competition because I could justify the decision for each

Saturday morning with Art-o-mat & Camino Bakery

One of favorite things to do is to visit an establishment that hosts an Art-o-mat machine. On this sunny Saturday, I'm in downtown Winston-Salem, NC, at Camino Bakery . Not a cloud in the sky. My selection:   Rachel O's Fabulous Whimsy :   handmade button earrings. Shiny, gorgeous machine.

Art-o-carton Glimpse

This Sunday, one of my students in my Skillshare workshop on abstract art will win an Art-o-carton , full of surprises.  Each of the 10 works is handmade by an artist from around the world .  Here is just a glimpse of some artists featured in this particular Art-o-carton. Birgit Grassl (photo courtesy of Art-o-mat) Jodi Hoover Justin Vasey Mary Ann Huster Taylor Hayes (photo courtesy of Art-o-mat)

Hard and soft edges: painting terms

In my Skillshare class, "Abstract Art with a Twist ," I use the terms " hard edges " and " loose " or " soft edges ." These terms can be confusing and can vary somewhat based on the medium you choose.  I wanted to share a bit with you about these definitions so you will feel more confident in understanding them and in using them yourselves. HARD EDGES You can paint with  hard edges , where the strokes are completely finished and defined.  If you squint and stand a few feet from your work, these contrasting areas will stand out quicker than any other area in your painting.  Allowing a coat to dry, and then painting the next application will help you achieve this effect faster. Hard edge can refer to brushwork, but can also summarize an entire style of modern painting .  This style features contrasting colors next to each other.  The artist would "finish" each pure color area with finished brushstrokes that were strong and final

2 week MoDeRn ArT Challenge has begun

Now through February 27, my Skillshare students enrolled in my Abstract Art with a Twist class can work at a structured pace with daily emails that define steps to achieve the project goal. All students who have posted a project by 11:59 pm EST on Saturday, Feb. 27, will be eligible for three giveaways: an Art-o-carton from Art-o-mat ($100 value) and two, $25 gift certificates from P.S. Sweets on Etsy . So far, my students have blown me away.  They have been open and willing to share with me and each other their vision for their modern art project.  Each student has chosen a theme.  Here are just a few: Hope/Despair, Ambition, Adventure, Love, and New Year/New Beginnings. And here are some reference works chosen so far: Sophie Pardo Paul Klee Frank Stella One student has already completed a painting with his themes of:   COLD, CONTRAST, SOLITUDE, DESPAIR. I think the lower half of Stellan's painting above looks like a myster

Art-o-carton is here

The beautiful Art-o-carton has arrived, and one lucky student from my Skillshare workshop will win this.  I can't wait to see the projects that will unfold this exciting online teaching platform. My husband thinks the box is awesome.  My kids thought the art was magical.  They were all disappointed to find out that we can't keep this gem for ourselves -- that it's a giveaway for my class. We begin tomorrow with the workshop.  Make sure to join and to enroll in the class on Skillshare.  More updates on class progress coming your way on this blog.

Art + Valentine's Day = Modern Art Workshop

This Valentine's Day, spend time with me doing what you love to do:  paint and making art! I began my first-ever online teaching adventure on October 31 through the Skillshare platform.  Since November 1, I have enrolled about 190 students who want to learn about how to paint in the style and color choices of Wassily Kandinsky . It's easy to sign up to take an online class, but it's difficult to shut out the everyday noise and distractions.  That's why I will kick off a two week workshop this Sunday, Valentine's Day.  The workshop provides a structured, paced environment with lots of feedback from me for each student. What's even a better inducement to join the workshop ?  Did someone say amazing givewaway s? Yes, one fortunate (and hardworking) student will win an Art-o-carton from Art-o-mat .  A carton holds 10 pieces of handmade, original artwork.  If that doesn't inspire an artist, I don't know what does! The Art-o-carton has a $100