2 Week Modern Art Challenge Winners

Over the past two weeks, I have had the privilege to work with 50 artists who joined my "2 Week Modern Art Challenge" workshop online.

In the coming weeks, I will show you some of my students' work.  I could not believe the caliber of the work my students demonstrated.  Each Skillshare participant who posted a project has shown fearlessness and resolve to tackle the unknown of painting abstract art.  I learned so much from each student's project.  Because my students were willing to show their mental and physical processes (sketches, ideas, inspirations, themes), they learned from each other and taught me how to be a better teacher.

I am looking forward to teaching another Skillshare class soon, again on abstract art.  And because of student contributions, I know what new and different techniques to bring into focus in a new class.

It was very difficult to choose the winners of this giveaway competition because I could justify the decision for each participant who posted a project.  Please find the winners of my giveaways below:

The Art-o-carton ($100 value) goes to Tammy Price-Hoyle.  Tammy discussed her artistic influences like Paul Klee and introduced these influences to the rest of the students.  She also generously commented on other students' projects.  Her support and encouragement helped many others on their artistic journeys in our class.  Thank you, Tammy!

One $25 gift certificate from P.S. Sweets goes to Sara Wheeland.  She produced not just one painting, but 10 finished works.  (It's actually 14 if you count her practice works.)  Sara demonstrated that you have practice in order to learn.  She was willing to discuss her techniques and take suggestions from others.  As a result, she was very pleased with her final works.  Sara opened herself to take full advantage of this experience.

Paige Matlock is the winner of the second $25 gift certificate from P.S. Sweets.  Paige posted her work on her social media accounts and so received feedback through Skillshare but also through other artistic communities.  She also has just been accepted as an Artist in Cellophane (exhibiting Art-o-mat artist).  Congratulations, Paige!

Note:  Skillshare does not share personal information with teachers.  Tammy, please send me your preferred mailing address to nicolettaarnolfini@gmail.com right away.  (I will get your Art-o-carton in the mail.)

Sara and Paige, please email me at nicolettaarnolfini@gmail.com.  I will reply with your personalized Etsy shop coupon codes for a $25 purchase at P.S. Sweets.

In the coming days, I will discuss my workshop students' work more and post pictures of their work. I always feel like I get so much more out of teaching than I put in.  Stay tuned for another abstract art class this spring!

Thank you to each of my students from the bottom of my heart. 


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