Art + Valentine's Day = Modern Art Workshop

This Valentine's Day, spend time with me doing what you love to do:  paint and making art!

I began my first-ever online teaching adventure on October 31 through the Skillshare platform.  Since November 1, I have enrolled about 190 students who want to learn about how to paint in the style and color choices of Wassily Kandinsky.

It's easy to sign up to take an online class, but it's difficult to shut out the everyday noise and distractions.  That's why I will kick off a two week workshop this Sunday, Valentine's Day.  The workshop provides a structured, paced environment with lots of feedback from me for each student.

What's even a better inducement to join the workshop?  Did someone say amazing givewaways?

Yes, one fortunate (and hardworking) student will win an Art-o-carton from Art-o-mat.  A carton holds 10 pieces of handmade, original artwork.  If that doesn't inspire an artist, I don't know what does!

The Art-o-carton has a $100 monetary value and unlimited potential to ignite your creativity.

photo courtesy of Art-o-mat

But an artist needs more than this to insure creative success.  That's why I will give away two more prizes to two more participants who post projects from their workshop endeavors.

If you want delicious cookies, mouthwatering salted caramels or other delectable treats, then vie for one of the $25 gift certificates available from P.S. Sweets shop on Etsy.

Photo courtesy of P.S. Sweets

I will work along with you and post in the Discussion section of the workshop as well as the Community section of the class.

Be sure to enroll in the class, post pictures of your project, and then wait to see who will be lucky enough to win one of these awesome prizes.

"So, wait," you say, "What's in it for me?" Let's review.

  • Premium online modern art class (free for a limited time)
  • 2 week workshop with paced and prompted instruction
  • Feedback and responses from the instructor over an intense 2 week timeframe
  • Making art (my favorite thing) during the month celebrating love
  • A chance to win 10 pieces of original, handmade art 
  • 2 chances to win $25 gift certificates to the most delectable shop on Etsy
What's not to like?

Be sure to enroll in the class and then the workshop.  See you Sunday!


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