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My Tiny Sketchbook: First Floral Pages

First Ever Tiny Sketchbook This winter, I have filled a very small sketchbook through a project with the Brooklyn Art Library . My tiny sketchbook will join many others from The Sketchbook Project .  I dedicated the book to my family. I chose the themes of nature and travel for the entire book (around 32 pages). Each two-page spread features a natural subject and an exotic stamp. The first 8 pages are full of mostly flowers. First, I drew the flower in pencil and then covered the drawing in ink. Instead of painting the flower in color, I kept the image black and white. Then I would select a vintage foreign stamp whose hue represents the typical coloring of the subject, or at least part of the subject. I really enjoyed pairing the stamps with the natural subjects. I bought the vintage stamps on Ebay.  They were a really fun find. At intervals, I would insert a famous quote about nature.  Page the 8 spre