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Old School Hand Painted Vans: Cassette Tapes

I finally have finished these bad boys! This is my third pair of hand painted canvas shoes.  This is my first pair of Vans . I used a lot of geometric patterns on the sides. The front of the shoes say, "Love" and "Life" to remind folks that there's a lot to love about their lives.  (Be grateful for the little things!)  The hand lettering emanates from the cassette tape. I used an old school cassette tape design.  Generation Z folks will recognize the mix tape idea from the Netflix TV show  Stranger Things . My lines were reminiscent of soundwaves. The back says, "Side 1" and "Side 2."  Remember how we used to have to turn the tapes over? The sides say, "Play" and "Record." Does anyone remember how hard it was to scroll back the loose tape back into the cassette?   I always used a pencil to wind the tape back in, but my husband reminded me that yellow Bic pens did a b