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Gratitude Chicken: step-by-step craft

New, easy craft project for fun Recently, for no reason that I can describe, I wanted to make a fuzzy stuffed animal.  I wanted him to be cute but modern:  not exactly traditional.  I've outlined this craft for you below and included all my mistakes.  The more you learn from me, the more successful you will be in making a chicken for yourself! The book and pattern A few years ago, we purchased a book called Super Cute .  It has no author, which is odd.  The book was published in 2010 by Parragon.  It contains many craft projects that are beginner level. I like how this book is spiral-bound.  Here is the project that caught my eye.  The book calls this felt chicken "Patchwork Charlie Chick." Here are some directions in the book.  I followed these, but not to the letter.  I used thick white felt, which was somewhat hard to sew through.  But I loved the modern print "shorts" the chicken will wear. One thing I modified w