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Mondrian class is live on Skillshare

I am so happy to announce that my new art class has been published online.  This Abstract Art with a Twist class is on Mondrian , and is my second in a series.  (The first class is on Kandinsky .  Next up:  Miro!  Stay tuned for that...) If you are interested in boosting your creativity, want to learn to paint like the Modern Masters, or want to immerse yourself in abstract and contemporary art, then this class is for you. My students are wonderfully supportive. You will find the environment to be both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.  (Can you tell that I really enjoy teaching this class ?) I have uploaded my list of resources (art supplies, books, videos, etc.) to help students who want to dig even deeper in their artistic explorations.  You can find that list here . Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Sketches, an art blog recommendation, and a video

#the100dayproject Challenge Update I'm a little bit behind on my sketches for #the100dayproject on Instagram.  The project began last Tuesday, April 19, and ends in July 27. Artists who have participated in the challenge in the past encouraged me with their stories of personal growth stemming from the consistent, daily discipline of art creation. Here's a confession:  I can't believe I actually decided to commit to this challenge.  100 days?  That's a lot of artwork! Here are my first few days of #100LittleInspirations.  I completed them on black archival tiled paper and used Sakura Gellyroll pens.  I hope you are enjoying this challenge, as well. Artist You Need to Know About If you are looking for a bit of inspiration from a contemporary working artist, then sign up for updates from Erik Davis' beautiful blog .  You can also visit his Facebook page.  Here is Erik's energetic painting for Earth Day earlier this month.  

#the100DayProject on Instagram

Starting today, Tuesday, April 19, through Wednesday, July 27, artists all over the world will begin posting their first drawings, paintings, or illustrations for a 100 day challenge on Instagram .  You can find these posts by searching for the hashtag:   #the100dayproject on Instagram. (photo courtesy of Chinese artist, " Bear Ingrid " a.k.a.  @it0423 on Instagram.) Artists are encouraged to use the hashtag #the100dayproject in addition to making their own hashtag.   Today, I began my first in a series of sketches I will complete for the challenge.  They are called #100DaysOfLittleInspirations .  It's exciting to have the opportunity to sketch toward a goal of deepening my potential visual ideas for my Art-o-mat series, Little Inspirations . It's also exciting to be working simultaneously with artists from all over the globe.  There are even art instructors from Skillshare participating, including Elle Lune and Ria Sharon .   Althoug

Abstract Art Class on Mondrian coming soon...

I can't wait to publish my new class on Skillshare , which is currently in video production and editing mode.  This next class will be on Mondrian and will impose a creative restraint: a limited color palette of up to three colors.  I will complete a painting using acrylics and introduce new techniques, art supplies, and resources. An AMA (Ask Me Anything session) and a workshop encompassing both the new Mondrian class and the Kandinsky class will quickly follow the debut.  I'm so excited about starting a new artistic adventure together with my outstanding students. Be on the lookout for the class by the end of this month. Happy art-making! XOXO, Nicole

Winners for 2 week MoDeRn ArT Challenge

Last night, my students posted their final projects in my two week abstract art challenge on Skillshare .  This means that today is a very difficult day because I have to choose the winners for the giveaway prizes in my class. I have outstanding students who work so hard, and I wish I could give each of them a gift for the hard work and knowledge sharing they brought to this class.  That's why I decided to start a newsletter on this blog with a free, monthly calendar giveaway.  (Sign up for the newsletter by adding your email to the "Follow by Email" subscribe option on the right side of my homepage.) I appreciate the contribution of each student in my class, and I will blog about their efforts more in the near future. Without further ado, here are the winners to my 2 week challenge: Sookie Sachs wins the survey giveaway of original, handpainted watercolor art by Australian Brooke Wong.  Under the name  @artbybee7 , Brooke has a beautiful Instagram accou

DIY: My Project for the MoDeRn ArT Challenge Workshop

When I hold a two-week workshop in conjunction with my Skillshare Abstract Art class , I complete a painting along with my students.  I do this because there is always something new to learn.  One of my favorite things about teaching these workshops is the free flow exchange of ideas.  All of the participants learn from each other and take that knowledge back to their individual projects. Here is my latest painting, completed alongside my students in the workshop that ends tonight at midnight. I started this project earlier this month, and here is my progress at that time. I chose the themes of: DISTRESSED GEOMETRY First, I painted the white square canvas with IRIDESCENT WHITE in Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint (because every girl loves sparkles). Then, I painted an outer circle in (my new favorite color) LIGHT BLUE PERMANENT, again in Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint.  I used loose strokes around a central circle (similar to an individual Kandinsky square/circ

Abstract Art Symbols: What Do You See?

Behind the scenes in my class on Skillshare , my workshop students are discussing symbols in abstract art.  I wanted to share with you a glimpse into these discussions.  (To see each student's project in detail, check out our Project Gallery .) AMOEBAS Udeshi identified with the biological shapes in Kandinsky's Capricious Forms from 1937, seen below.  The amoeba-like subject matter dovetails with Udeshi's desire to communicate relaxing and organic themes.  To achieve the proper mood while painting, Udeshi listens to Erik Satie's Gymnopedie no. 1 .   ----------------------------------- CREATURES Rebecca viewed the same reference work as a springboard for her "little blob creatures" in her sketchbook.  Her painting (beside the sketchbook, pictured below) reflects the playful movement that Kandinsky captured in his work.   ----------------------------------------------------------- JAPANESE TRADITIONAL CULTURE Students on Skillshare can

Resources: 2 Books, 2 Podcasts on Kandinsky

In my abstract art class on Skillshare, my students and I have discussed some additional resources to delve deeper into the life and work of the "Father of abstract painting," Wassily Kandinsky.   (These discussions often take place in the individual comments in the Project Gallery .  Check out the gallery to be inspired by the work of the talented, creative artists in my class.)   I compiled these resources below so you can bookmark this blog post for future exploration. FAVORITE RESOURCES This book   by Hajo Dutching has page after page of full-color paintings by Kandinsky. In paperback, it's a nice, lightweight, inexpensive book to take with you when you need to spend a night sketching in a cafe.  The beautiful, illustrated pages inspire every time I open the volume.  Especially at the used price on Amazon , this book will only add value to your sketchwork. (cover image from Amazon) If you enjoy podcasts, check out  Modern Art Notes . The actual link t