Sketches, an art blog recommendation, and a video

#the100dayproject Challenge Update

I'm a little bit behind on my sketches for #the100dayproject on Instagram.  The project began last Tuesday, April 19, and ends in July 27.

Artists who have participated in the challenge in the past encouraged me with their stories of personal growth stemming from the consistent, daily discipline of art creation.

Here's a confession:  I can't believe I actually decided to commit to this challenge.  100 days?  That's a lot of artwork!

Here are my first few days of #100LittleInspirations.  I completed them on black archival tiled paper and used Sakura Gellyroll pens.  I hope you are enjoying this challenge, as well.

Artist You Need to Know About

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration from a contemporary working artist, then sign up for updates from Erik Davis' beautiful blog.  You can also visit his Facebook page.  Here is Erik's energetic painting for Earth Day earlier this month.  

Erik's lush and explosive colors make him one of my favorite artists working today.  In fact, I'll have some of his original art to offer as a giveaway soon in an upcoming workshop when I launch my newest Skillshare class.

New Abstract Art Class Launch

Did someone say, "new art class?"  Because that's all I've been thinking about lately!

Earlier this month and last, I shot videos for a new Abstract Art with a Twist class online.  Take a look at this rough cut of my intro video:

I will announce this class very, very soon.  Then, my Skillshare students will have a workshop, and before you know it, I'll work to post the next class (which will be on Miro').

Talk soon!


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