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Art-o-mat Lately

Mini Masterpieces Latest Batch This latest Art-o-mat batch for me was full of Mondrian and Matisse . This is my 8th batch of Mini Masterpieces for Art-o-mat. And I've been drawing on planes lately while on business trip.   A little turbulence can make you forget about punctuation! Clarice's Latest Batch of BoogerBrains Clarice also made a full set of 50 fall-themed BoogerBrains, also. Lots of Trick or Treat, sunflowers, Jack-o-lanterns,  fall scarves, and  and pumpkin spice lattes. Press for Art-o-mat Art-o-mat is a movement that brings affordable, accessible art to the public, for just $5 a pop.  That's why it's pretty cool to see that Art-o-mat has been highlighted by Forbes magazine as an amenity at America's luxury hotels.  Check out the article here . photo courtesy The Farmer's Daughter and Forbes Kind Letter from an Art-o-mat Patron It is a privilege to make art f