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Fall rainy days

Clarice's new tiny seahorse. Jack-o-lanterns glow in the dark and are poisonous. These are Parasols and are supposed to taste good, but we bought the chocorooms at Aldi's and ate those, instead. :) Just some of the fun the Arnolds are up to these days.

Pictures from the Fair

Nick, with his (Sunset Beach, NC, shirt) on the ATV So excited! Karlie, Clarice & Nick Clarice & Karlie in a boat.

New pink scooter

Clarice is now an expert on her new pink scooter that Mimi bought her. Here she is in a new dress (also a gift from Mimi) which color coordinates with her scooter! Clarice wants to take her scooter everywhere. She is also getting much better riding her bike ( without training wheels ). We think the scooter really helped her gain confidence to ride the "two-wheeler."