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Alex's new Glasses for the Colorblind

Today, we received Alex's new Enchroma glasses for the colorblind.  Enchroma is a company that makes outdoor sunglasses for colorblind children and adults, as well as indoor glasses for adults. We had adjusted our expectations prior to the delivery of the glasses.  Steve and I realized that one possibility was no improvement at all.  But we had hoped for at least some improvement.  Enchroma offers a 100% money-back guarantee, so there was no reason not to try these sunglasses out for Alex. What Alex saw Results depend on the severity of colorblindness and the conditioning of the eyes over days of wearing the glasses.  In the video below, you will see that six-year-old Alex, who is a little bit overwhelmed, can see oranges correctly.  But he still was not able to distinguish purple from blue.   Clarice helps Alex put on his new glasses. Click here for the video or click on the image above.   (Note:  the video runs long and shows our real results. Also,

New Artomat sales + fellow artist, Chris V.

I was really excited recently to get some green sales report cards in the mail from Art-o-mat . (Surrounding the green cards are some recently painted Matisse seaweed blocks from my  Mini Masterpiece  series.) I have updated my map below to show my recent sales venues.   You can click on this map to see more details. New venues for recent sales Here's a quick look below at some of the destinations my art has traveled. Emerson Center, Bozeman, Montana When I saw that I had sold several pieces at the arts nonprofit  Emerson Center in Bozeman, Montana, I could not help but think of a song that my Dad always sang to my nieces and nephews with strawberry blonde hair. My Dad would always ask the kids if they were "The Red-headed Stranger from Blue Rock, Montana." This exasperated them no end. Here's the ballad  by Willie Nelson for your listening pleasure.  I would love to visit Montana one day, so the Emerson Center is now on my bucket list