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Endearing Young Charms Delivery to Art-o-mat HQ

 Recently, I made 100  Endearing Young Charms , or 2 new batches, for Art-o-mat . These watercolor flowers were handprinted and became keychains. These little woodland and floral illustrations became necklaces. Next, I'm planning a facelift for this series by using vintage bottlecaps instead of the craft bottlecaps I've used over the past year. Stay tuned... more to come!

Georgia O'Keeffe-inspired Artomat collection + a letter from a collector

Special Edition Artwork for Georgia O'Keeffe Exhibit at Reynolda This year a beautiful local art museum and estate, Reynolda in Winston-Salem , commemorates its centennial.   Photo courtesy of Reynolda House website Image by  Laura Gilpin (American, 1891–1979).  "Georgia O’Keeffe, 1953." Gelatin silver print And this year, Reynolda celebrates by hosting the exhibit " Georgia O'Keeffe:  Living Modern " now through November 19.   Art-o-mat has a very active machine at Reynolda.  In anticipation of record crowds visiting this exquisite exhibit, many Artists in Cellophane have contributed special editions of work specifically to stock this machine. At the beginning of August, I began working a batch of Little Inspirations to stock this machine.  I was happy to deliver them to International Art-o-mat Headquarters today. The special batch of 50 includes parts (either 1/2 or 1/4) of a flower plus an inspiring word in my