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Painted Shoes

Last summer I bought a pair of plain white canvas shoes from Old Navy.  My goal was to decorate through handpainting. They reminded me of Keds(TM), which everyone wore back when I was a kid.   Do people still wear Keds now? The reason I did not get to paint the shoes was simply because I had baby no. 3 in August 2017.   Baby Nate put a big stop a lot of personal painting pursuits for a while! So I have finally been able to let loose and paint these shoes.   You can see I'm using a lot of  freehand doodling , and  geometric designs. I also wanted to incorporate  floral imagery , swirls , and some primitive mountain design s. It's been a fun project with Posca paint markers, Sharpie markers, and lots of imagination. I'm well on the way to finishing shoe no. 2 to make the pair.  Can't wait to wear these babies! Thanks for being a big part of my art blog.

Fuel wins the 2018 GAA Softball Championship

Fuel at the Girls Athletic Association End of Year Banquet and awards ceremony June 2, 2018 1st place medals and 2018 trophies Maddie Brackman won Dana Bushee Award From left to right:  Autumn, Camilla, Zyon, Clarice, Jae Coria, Sarah, Rose Bottom row: Maddie, Emora Baby Nate and Coach Steve Jacob, Rose, Herbs Coach Peter and Rose #1 in the GAA! After the big tournament win on June 2, 2018. 3-2-1... Fire up the Fuel! Team picture Team Roster: Rose Arnold Clarice Arnold Sarah Benfield Jae'Coria Ervin Madison Brackman Monique Delagey Camilla Garner Zyon Richardson Emora Snipes Autumn Strouse These girls never quit!   Way to go, Fuel, 2018 GAA Champions!