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Winners Announced for Miro' + Klee Challenge

Today, I announce the winners from my two week workshop on Skillshare. This workshop covered my Abstract Elements: Miro' class and my Abstract Elements: Klee class. I have outstanding students who work so hard, and I wish I could give each of them a gift for the hard work and knowledge sharing they brought to this class. That's why I decided to start a newsletter on this blog with a free, monthly calendar giveaway. (Sign up for the newsletter by adding your email to the "Follow by Email" subscribe option on the right side of my homepage.) Without further ado, here are the winners to my 2 week challenge: Anna Day  wins the surprise prize of a handpainted stone by artist Leslie Peery . Tiffany Nigro   wins Austin, TX, artist Sophie Roach's XL t-shirt. Verna Grant  wins the new   galaxy-inspired book to get you sketching again, by the brother/sister team behind   They Draw and Cook  and  They Draw and Travel , Nate Padavick

Last Day of the MoDeRn ArT Challenge Workshop on Skillshare

Very soon, our two week MoDeRn ArT Challenge Workshop will end. I always work along with the workshop participants. For the Miro' class , my reference work was The Melancholic Singer. For the Klee class , my reference works were  Angel in the Making, Castle and Sun , and the "face" painting comes from Forest Witches . And here's one more from  Ancient Sound. I painted these on wooden blocks and will mail them off to Art-o-mat to vend.  To read more about Art-o-mat's mission to provide affordable, accessible art for the masses, check out this most recent article on the project. My students have outdone themselves (again) with their inspiring projects.  Here's a glimpse at Verna's project, based on Klee's At the Core : This is just one of Tiffany's paintings.  She was inspired by Miro'. Anna continues to work on a project based on Klee's Portal of a Mosque .   Can you see how varied and diverse

Behind the Scenes: Jody Linn's Project

I want to share the progress of a fabulous student from my Skillshare workshop  MoDeRn ArT Challenge.   Jody Linn has made an outstanding project in my Abstract Elements: Miro' class.  (She's still working on her Klee class   project, and I can't wait to see how that turns out.) Jody's Project:  Miro' Tells a Story First, Jody chose a couple of reference paintings by Joan Miro', who employed really original naming conventions for his work. Figure At Night Guided By The Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails A Dew Drop Falling from a Bird’s Wing Wakes Rosalie, who Has Been Asleep in the Shadow of a Spider’s Web Next, Jody completed several individual element paintings.  She selected a lovely bright blue, red, white and black color palette. Then, Jody used these elements to create one large work below: In Miro's tradition, she named her work  Travelers Protecting Jody Linn From The Deceptive Crescent Moon Laying In Wait On The Edge Of The S

Behind the Scenes: Aleta's Project

I must share with you the incredible story of Aleta Boyce , an innovative artist and one of my art students in my Abstract Elements: Miro' class. Aleta decided to take her abstract elements and form them into a sculpture.  Here's a glimpse of her process Aleta's Project Aleta started her project by finding elements -- color combinations and lines -- from Joan Miro's work that fascinated her.    Next, she began planning a mobile sculpture to connect these different elements. Next, she began welding. Now, she is working out color options by comparing Photoshop mock-ups.  Here is one color model she is considering. The entire class has learned so much because of this impressive artist.  I never envisioned that I would have a participant who was inspired so much that she created a real sculpture influenced by the work of Miro'.  To see more of Aleta's sculptural work, please visit her website or her Facebook page .   photo courtesy of 

Art-o-mat adventure in Nashville

I had the distinct privilege to visit Nashville, TN, last week.  This was my first time in this amazing and vibrant city.   Although one night it tried to rain, I saw beautiful street art, and spent a spectacular evening at Centennial Park and Vanderbilt University.  (More photos below.) "As long as the moon shall rise,  as long as  the river flows, as long as  the sun will shine, as long as the grass shall grow." ----------------------------------- My main partner in crime sightseeing was Shanell.  Here is my fav photo of us, possibly of all time, although we also have some great photos from grad school (good times)! Love you, Shanell!  Of course I had to stop by the Art-o-mat machine at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center . I snagged these beauties from the machine.  The penguin earrings by Rachel O are an Art-o-mat exclusive.  My 13 year old daughter immediately claimed these as her own and wore them all day y