Klee Class debut

I'm very happy to tell you that I have published a fourth class on Skillshare called Abstract Elements:  Klee.  This class examines symbols and color patterns from the work of twentieth century modern master, Paul Klee.  We examine the elements evident in his work and translate these into simple, small paintings.  

This class is similar to my third Skillshare class called Abstract Elements:  Miro'.  I created these instructional videos to break down the complexity and remove the inaccessibility of abstract art.  I work along with my students to focus on bite-sized, understandable concepts. 

Joan Miro' and Paul Klee both embraced the spontaneity and fun that occurs around creating art.  Although they were great thinkers, neither artist wanted their art to be viewed as austere or off-putting.  I believe that contemporary artists can find great inspiration in the modern masters.  In my classes, I seek to remove some initial barriers to understanding abstract art.  I encourage my students to open their minds to the experience and joy that abstract art can represent.

To learn a bit more about Miro', check out my resource section.  Ditto for Klee.  And if you want to join the class, here is my art supply list.

I am grateful to each student who has taken the time to give me a positive recommendation.  I may be partial, but I'm pretty sure my students are THE BEST ARTISTS ON THE INTERNET.  After just one week from publishing, my Klee class has 61 students.  That's amazing!  All four of my classes (Kandinsky, Mondrian, Miro' and Klee) continue to grow, so I now have over 700 followers on the Skillshare platform.  

I enjoy interacting with students in each of my classes.  Teaching art online has been such a blessing in my life.  It's pushed me to keep creating.  My students inspire me every day.

Skillshare, also, is a very welcoming and supportive community, and I have found that students enrolled in multiple classes have grown by leaps and bounds, as evidenced in their projects.

I will announce a workshop combining both the Miro' and Klee classes later today.  As always, we will have prizes for three amazing students!  Stay tuned... and just keep painting!

P.S.  I still have a link on my Instagram bio for free enrollment to the Klee class.  That free link will disappear very soon!


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