Behind the Scenes: Jody Linn's Project

Miro Tells A Story

I want to share the progress of a fabulous student from my Skillshare workshop MoDeRn ArT Challenge.  Jody Linn has made an outstanding project in my Abstract Elements: Miro' class.  (She's still working on her Klee class project, and I can't wait to see how that turns out.)

Jody's Project:  Miro' Tells a Story

First, Jody chose a couple of reference paintings by Joan Miro', who employed really original naming conventions for his work.

Figure At Night Guided By The Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails

A Dew Drop Falling from a Bird’s Wing Wakes Rosalie, who Has Been Asleep in the Shadow of a Spider’s Web

Next, Jody completed several individual element paintings.  She selected a lovely bright blue, red, white and black color palette.


Then, Jody used these elements to create one large work below:


In Miro's tradition, she named her work Travelers Protecting Jody Linn From The Deceptive Crescent Moon Laying In Wait On The Edge Of The Sky.

Jody's Uses her Designs in her Society 6 Shop

This is not the first masterpiece that Jody has created in my classes.  In fact, after taking my Mondrian class, Jody uploaded her final painting called Curves Are So Emotional to her Society 6 shop.

This means you can buy this beautiful and bold design as leggings, clocks, tote bags, art prints, iphone covers -- all from her original project from our Abstract Art with a Twist class on Piet Mondrian.  

My students on Skillshare continue to inspire me.  We have created such a wonderfully supportive artistic community there.  

Please take the time today to invest in your creative development -- this type of activity always provides rewards.  Whether you create art because it's therapeutic, fun, or meditative -- you will never regret stretching your imagination and honing your visualization skills.  Making art keeps you sharp and sprinkles positive benefits over all other parts of your life.

Thanks for being a big part of the artistic community in this blog.


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