Lemon Pound Cake Recipe Illustration, inspired by Matisse

When my daughter was small, she had a babysitter named Mrs. Ruby Thomason.  Clarice could not pronounce her full name, so she called her "Mrs. Tommy."  

I decided to find one of Mrs. Tommy's recipes and submit it to They Draw and Cook

Matisse's Black Philodendron with Lemons has been on my mind ever since I read the book Matisse: A Second Life.  I borrowed the red, yellow, and green motif from this artist's work.

Matisse is famous for his cut-outs, so I cut out the individual hand-painted elements in my illustrations and grouped them together - just for fun.

I used Posca acrylic paint markers on Canson watercolor paper to create these elements.


The black outline is reminiscent of Matisse's style.

Then, I opened everything in Photoshop to achieve the final recipe.  You find this and many other lovingly painted recipes on They Draw and Cook.

Happy painting (and cooking and eating)!


  1. Lemon Pound Cake sounds fresh and delicious for summer & Easy to make = Great. Will try it soon. Colors and design in your artwork of cake make it look like a lusciously lovely lemon delight.

    M from Charlotte, NC


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