Last Day of the MoDeRn ArT Challenge Workshop on Skillshare

Very soon, our two week MoDeRn ArT Challenge Workshop will end. I always work along with the workshop participants.

For the Miro' class, my reference work was The Melancholic Singer.

For the Klee class, my reference works were Angel in the Making, Castle and Sun, and the "face" painting comes from Forest Witches.

And here's one more from Ancient Sound.

I painted these on wooden blocks and will mail them off to Art-o-mat to vend.  To read more about Art-o-mat's mission to provide affordable, accessible art for the masses, check out this most recent article on the project.

My students have outdone themselves (again) with their inspiring projects.  Here's a glimpse at Verna's project, based on Klee's At the Core:


This is just one of Tiffany's paintings.  She was inspired by Miro'.


Anna continues to work on a project based on Klee's Portal of a Mosque.  


Can you see how varied and diverse these projects are from one another?  The cultural influences, colors, and designs span an staggering range.  I hope that these glimpses provide you an idea of how much our class learns from each other in a condensed and focused workshop.

Tonight at 11:59 pm EDT, our workshop ends.  Tomorrow between 1 and 2 pm EDT, I will post the winners of our prizes here on the blog.  (Skillshare students will receive an email link.)

I leave you today with a video that inspires me each time I watch it.  It's a Tate Modern exhibition of Klee's work from 2014.  Please allow yourself a few minutes to absorb the life experiences and influences of Paul Klee.

Happy painting!



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