2 Week Modern Art Challenge: Klee + Miro'

Starting July 17, join me and my students from my Abstract Elements: Miro' and my Abstract Elements: Klee classes on Skillshare for a new and exciting workshop.

During this two week, focused experience, I send a daily email prompt with specific instructions.  I also plan some "grace days" into the structure so that no one gets overwhelmed and everyone has a time to catch up when real life goes awry.

The project for this class is a mini painting (or two or three...) inspired by the work of a modern art master.  In our video instruction, we will examine the individual elements of Klee and Miro'.  Students can then choose the basics:  their own colors, layout, and elements to create a mini painting.

Abstract painting is not meant to be inaccessible or difficult.  We will have fun learning about the concepts and themes of Miro' and Klee, breaking them down, and putting them back into our own work.  I work along with the students in the workshop, and the class creates an environment of free-flowing idea exchange.

Did I mention that there will be prizes?  Three hardworking students will receive one of these giveaways:
Galaxy-inspired book to get you sketching again, by the brother/sister team behind They Draw and Cook and They Draw and Travel, Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell of Studio SSS.

4" x 4" ceramic tile of Frida Kahlo by Heather Galler

XL t-shirt designed by Austin artist Sophie Roach

To sign up for the workshop or see who has already signed up, go to this link at Skillshare.

Happy 4th of July!  Hope to see you later this month in this workshop.


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