Getting ready for Winston-Salem art show

Plentiful, talented NC artists

Sometimes I cannot believe the quantity and caliber of talented artists residing in my "neck of the woods."  People the world over know North Carolina for her writers (Thomas Wolfe, Jerry Bledsoe, Robert Morgan, Maya Angelou), her potters and her rich Appalachian folk arts heritage.

If you are unfamiliar with native artisans of North Carolina, treat yourself just one example of a master blacksmith in this "Raw Craft" episode featuring Elizabeth Brim of Penland School of Crafts in the Blue Ridge mountains.

Winston-Salem, NC

I feel especially fortunate to live near the "City of Arts and Innovation," Winston-Salem, a center for creative talent.  Winston is home to the Old Salem Historic District, the oldest Arts Council in the United States, and to Art-o-mat founder, Clark Whittington.

Here is a map of the Twin Cities as detailed in 1891.  Click on the image to enlarge.  Zoom in to see each individual structures.  Photo courtesy of Library of Congress.  

Downtown Winston-Salem today.  Photo courtesy of Kimpton Hotel.

Delurk Art Exhibit

Downtown Winston-Salem holds many delights, not the least of which are its art galleries.  This Friday night, May 5, Delurk gallery will host an art hop opening exhibit celebration from 7-10 pm.  Click on the Delurk logo below to learn more about the event or check out their Facebook event page.

Delurk Gallery

I'm especially excited about this opening since the show will honor Art-o-mat's 20th anniversary. Delurk founder and fellow Artist in Cellophane Chad Beroth invited Clarice and me to enter the show.

DelurkLogo72_180 high.png

The exhibit runs through May 28, and the following Artists in Cellophane will exhibit one small Art-o-mat piece and one large-scale work.

Clarice and I are honored to exhibit alongside these amazingly talented creators listed below.  In fact, when I dropped off our work, I was humbled by the excellent artwork.  I hope to take some photos for a future blog post so you can see the other work in this exhibit.

Art-o-Mat participating Artists confirmed:

*Patrick Harris (Drawings)
​*​Jennifer O'Kelly​ (Landscape paintings)​
​*Clark Whittington (Various series and types of art)
​*Dennis Wells (Draw and paint)
*Cindy Taplin (Landscape paintings)
*Laura Lashley (Paintings)
*Cheryl Ann Lipstreu (Body art and glitter)
​*​Sarah Whittington​ (Paintings)​
*Melanie Troutman Williams (Dog paintings)
*Marie Stone Van Vuuren (Paintings)
*Sherry Paylor (Dog paintings)
*Zachary Harris (Paintings)
*John Gall (Lino art)
*Sharon Hardin (watercolor floral)
*Holly Swenson (Drawings and more)
*John Gosslee (Photography)
*Nicole and Clarice Arnold (mother and daughter both very involved in Art-o-Mat - They do paintings, drawings, jewelry and other series)
*Stacy Crabill - (Collage and paint)
*Chad Beroth - (Paintings)

Our work for the exhibit

Clarice's original series for Art-o-mat, is called BoogerBrains,  She has begun making her tiny, friendly creatures from clay.

Clarice began making BoogerBrains for Art-o-mat in 2015.

She has entered five little creatures into the show.

Clarice recently completed an acrylic painting of red poppies.

I entered a work from my Mini Masterpiece series, which I began painting for Art-o-mat in 2013. This piece is based on Matisse's "Black Philodendron and Lemons" from 1943.

My large work is a gourd, painted primarily in the style of Matisse "La Gerbe" from 1953.

I can't wait to see the complete exhibit with all the amazing work of artists and artisans living and working near Winston-Salem, NC.


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