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Art jewelry experimentation with Pebeo paints

In laste 2018, I sent another 100 boxes of vintage bottlecap necklaces to Art-o-mat . This time, I used Pebeo Prisme Moonlight Fantasy paints for the inside of the bottlecaps. Each cap dried with a honeycomb effect after I poured in the liquid paint. They have a beautiful finish but need a sealer since they never truly "dry" 100% on this metal surface. Another drawback of Pebeo paints is that they are expensive and you must use your entire bottle of paint, because it will not keep until next time.  Instead the paints will thicken and not produce a honeycomb effect at a future painting session. Still, I greatly enjoyed experimenting with these Pebeo paints and loved the effects. Clarice started making bracelets for her friends in late 2018. Below are some fun projects that we enjoyed making with pony beads. Stay in the sunshine! L-O-V-E from me