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Chocolate Elf House Cake

We made a chocolate Big Top Cupcake with chocolate icing yesterday for the Girl Scout Daisy Troop Cmas Party last nite: marshmallow bushes outside the graham cracker door. I'm not a good cake decorator, but Clarice & I loved making the cake and it was eaten quickly, because it was so moist & delicious (thanks, Duncan Hines!). :)

Carter Reunion pics

A really great photo of the 1st generation! Thank heaven for little girls! 4th generation, precious little ones: Lynch, Carter, Arnold kids 2nd generation: TMZ wants this photo! 3rd generation: the Pretty People Inlaws & Outlaws

Clarice's Bday + Cmas Play at School

The kids did a good job in their Christmas play at school yesterday. Angels backstage prepare for the school play. Steve picked out a pretty cake: 7 candles! We had a blast on Dec. 11th.

Fall 2009 Family photos

Rose, Alyssa & Clarice at Grandma Arnold's well. Nicole & Sheri Clarice, Nick & Nicole at the farm Nicole & Memaw Jannie

Scenes from 1st grade in November

Silly girls in Mrs. Jordan's bathtub Clarice with Mrs. Coryell The children love Mr. Arnold's card magic. with friend, Karlie

Big Top Cupcake

We are not professionals, but it will still be yummy. :) We are trying out the new giant cupcake pan , in preparation for Clarice's birthday cake.

First Grade

We had a blast today in Mrs. Jordan's 1st grade class at Wesleyan .

Daisy Girl Scout Halloween

Clarice and Daisy Scout troop friends spooked up some fun this Halloween .

October happenings...

While Mom was away taking care of Granddad, Clarice made a card for her Dad, who took care of her. The card says, "My Dad is special (speshl) because (beecuz)... he loves me!" Kelly's mom, Jennifer, gave Clarice this book and now Clarice can read it all by herself -- except she says "Callepitters" instead of "Caterpillars." Clarice is excited about Danny & Rhonda's baby (we don't know if they will have boy or girl, so Clarice drew both in the crib). Clarice hopes the baby will born on her birthday, Dec. 11. Maybe Santa will help with that request?

October spookiness...

Been raining a lot lately... here's the Morton Salt girl! Whoa! Halloween is scary! Clarice designed and Daddy carved this Jackolantern.

Fall rainy days

Clarice's new tiny seahorse. Jack-o-lanterns glow in the dark and are poisonous. These are Parasols and are supposed to taste good, but we bought the chocorooms at Aldi's and ate those, instead. :) Just some of the fun the Arnolds are up to these days.

Pictures from the Fair

Nick, with his (Sunset Beach, NC, shirt) on the ATV So excited! Karlie, Clarice & Nick Clarice & Karlie in a boat.

New pink scooter

Clarice is now an expert on her new pink scooter that Mimi bought her. Here she is in a new dress (also a gift from Mimi) which color coordinates with her scooter! Clarice wants to take her scooter everywhere. She is also getting much better riding her bike ( without training wheels ). We think the scooter really helped her gain confidence to ride the "two-wheeler."

Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown vacation

Cousins on one of the Jamestown ships: the Susan Constant. Steve & Clarice at the Indian Settlement at Jamestown. Little colonial girls around every corner! Clarice & Steve on the deck of the Susan Constant. Clarice discusses the state of colonial affairs with Gen. Washington at the George Wythe House. Little colonial girl in the Governor's House garden. Cousin Alyssa with Nicole and Clarice in front of the Royal Governor's House at Williamsburg. Alyssa, Clarice & Nicole at Williamsburg.