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Behind the Scenes in my Miro' Class

My students are producing excellent work in my newest class on Skillshare called Abstract Elements: MIRO . I wanted to give you a glimpse of the work they have created. Ruth has isolated four elements from Miro's 1946 painting entitled Woman and Birds at Sunrise .   You can click on the photo above to go to Ruth's project in our class community on Skillshare.  There, we discuss possible connections to Kandinsky's Two Green Points .   Another student, Sookie, used Miro's Harlequin's Carnival from 1924-25 as her reference work. You can click on her self-titled Alien Cow and Half-Drowned Kitty Play with String to see our discussion on connections to Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights . I can't believe my students are already churning out such excellent work ahead of a mid-July workshop coming their way. This Miro' class has been so much fun to create.  His work fascinates me.  It resonates with a mathematical, technical qualit

Art-o-mat Adventures

#the100DayProject on Instagram has really helped me to push through another batch of 50 Artomat paintings.  This time, I have focused on Mondrian , Miro' , and Matisse .   Soon, folks will be able to vend these Mini Masterpieces at Artomat machines the world over!  Click here for a closer look at the little works in this batch. Clarice also sends a series of paintings called BoogerBrains to Artomat.  Here are some cool facts about BoogerBrains: Their favorite food is shoelaces. They are born when bubbles pop. They are not the smartest creatures, but are very loyal and friendly. If you collect any of these little guys, be sure to let us know! My updated selling locations My recent Artomat sales include a new location:   Old No. 77 Hotel and Chandlery on the mighty Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana.   (Photo credit:   In Style ) If you are ever lucky enough to visit this beautiful and historic hotel, please check out

Another new class + a workshop coming soon

Teaching online on the Skillshare platform has brought such joy to my life.  The students in my classes are outstanding.  I enjoy interacting with them in our classes and workshops.  I have also enjoyed discussing the modern art masters ( Kandinsky , Mondrian , and other artists my students have introduced in their work) in addition to contemporary artists represented in our workshops. So, what's next? I have been very happy to see the quick enrollment in the shorter format Abstract Elements class on Miro .  (If you have not enrolled, please use this link to sign up for free.) You can expect to see another new class in this series debut before the end of the month .  This new class Abstract Elements class will focus on Paul Klee .  As in all our classes, I continue to use acrylic paint.  I add a couple of supplies, which you can see in the above photo.  I paint one element on cotton duck (instead of canvas) to create a more organic and distressed look.  I also

New MIRO Class is Live

If you are looking for a short online class on abstract art, then check out my new Skillshare class on Joan Miro' .  For a very limited time, the first 25 students in this Abstract Elements class can use this link to enroll for free. You can check out the intro video on my Vimeo page . We will choose elements from Miro's work and execute quick, little paintings.  This class will help artists: deepen their acrylic painting skills, learn about acrylic painting markers, begin a series of miniature artworks, break down complex abstract ideas into manageable parts, and develop quickly as an abstract painter. Here is our supply list  and some excellent resources (books, painting interpretations, articles) to help students further their understanding of Joan Miro'. Can't wait to see you there!  As a special thank you, please feel free to print this inspirational quote by Miro' from my June newsletter .  (The sign-up form is on the right side of

Obsessed with Miro' (class on its way)

Keep a sharp eye out for a new Skillshare class coming very, very soon.   This Abstract Elements class on Joan Miro' will be in a shorter format (14 minutes) than my slightly longer  Abstract Art with a Twist classes on Kandinsky and Mondrian (24 minutes). The goal of this new series is to paint quickly and easily in a small format.  These exercises will help artists pinpoint big ideas and translate them into easy-to-digest paintings. Creating the class has made me paint mini Miro' pieces like crazy! Details coming very soon!