Behind the Scenes in my Miro' Class

My students are producing excellent work in my newest class on Skillshare called Abstract Elements: MIRO.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of the work they have created.

Ruth has isolated four elements from Miro's 1946 painting entitled Woman and Birds at Sunrise.  
Woman and Birds at Sunrise, MirĂ³ 1946

You can click on the photo above to go to Ruth's project in our class community on Skillshare.  There, we discuss possible connections to Kandinsky's Two Green Points.  

Another student, Sookie, used Miro's Harlequin's Carnival from 1924-25 as her reference work.


You can click on her self-titled Alien Cow and Half-Drowned Kitty Play with String to see our discussion on connections to Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights.

I can't believe my students are already churning out such excellent work ahead of a mid-July workshop coming their way.

This Miro' class has been so much fun to create.  His work fascinates me.  It resonates with a mathematical, technical quality that speaks to our modern world.  Our lives pound to a fast, complicated pace.  Miro's insistence on simple lines, colors, and shapes helps me break down the complex into the understandable.

My small work for Art-o-mat has had a huge impact on my teaching.  I feel that if I can slow down, decompress, and find meditative joy in Miro's work, maybe others can, too.

Thanks for following along with our class.  I leave you with this energizing video on Miro's work from the Martin Lawrence Galleries.
joan-miro-video-martin-lawrence-galleries from Martin Lawrence Galleries on Vimeo.


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