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Clarice has not forgotten the movie Coraline , which was a stop-animation film that we went to see back in February. She wants everyone to see her Coraline, which she made from Sculpey clay, and then we baked it in our oven. She worked from a picture of Coraline, wearing her yellow rainslicker and rainboots. Please click here to see the picture she worked from: Clarice really has a love for modern animation films and all things artistic ...

Pink Dogwood

Clarice has found "her tree" to climb this spring.

Gourds for Arts Fundraiser in High Point

Trinket Gourd: Blue Blossom Trinket Gourd: Pacifica Trinket Gourd: Let's Party!

Playing at Sheri's house

Clarice & cousin Nick enjoyed a beautiful day last Sunday in Aunt Sheri's rose & flox garden. Dr. Nick applies the bandage to the patient.

Easter Egg hunt at school

Fun times in Mrs. Stafford & Mrs. Early's kindergarten class.