Starting December 2013, I began painting tiny artwork for Artomat.  Artists create small works that vend for $5 from upcycled cigarette machines. 

I create three series for Artomat, and my daughter, Clarice, also paints a series.

Mini Masterpieces:  A morsel of a masterwork with a bit of art history
is my first series that I began in December 2013.

Mini Mondrians, Acrylic on panel, Nicole Arnold, 2014
Mini Masterpieces reconstruct a part of a larger, recognizable work by a celebrated, twentieth century modern artist.  The goal of the series to introduce art history to a new audience while providing a colorful, fun work of abstract art.  I love to paint "pieces" of Miro, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Frank Lloyd Wright, and even Klimt. 

Here are my complete works in this series:

 1st batch:  Kandinsky, Mondrian, Wright, and Klimt

4th Batch:  Kandinsky

5th Mini Masterpieces Batch:  Mondrian

6th Mini Masterpieces Batch:  Mondrian, Miro', and Matisse

7th Batch: Klee & Miro'

8th Batch:  Mondrian and Matisse

9th Batch:  Matisse, updated series on wooden rounds

10th BatchFruit Bonanza on wooden rounds

11th Batch: Video Game Mini Masterpieces

12, 13th batches:  flowers, plums, Matisse coral

14th batch: more Matisse wood rounds


My second series for Artomat is called Little Inspirations.  These are blocks painted with floral images and one word of inspiration or encouragement.

Little Inspirations, 2015

The goal of this series is to inspire the art buyer through a small work of art.  Individuals blocks have a floral theme with one word inscribed:  Joy, Honor, Love, Kindness, Tenderness, etc.  Click below to see all my work in this series.


My third series for Art-o-mat is called Endearing Young Charms.

To date, I have made 12 batches of 50 each (of bottlecap necklaces and keychains) for Art-o-mat, and 1 batch of wooden ornament Endearing Young Charms.
Overall for all of my 3 series:

As of January 2020, that's 34 batches, plus a small batch of 30 Mini Masterpieces, or 1,730 Art-o-mat pieces of vendable, handmade art.


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