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Large Gear Painting, original and vectorized

Original painting 25" x 20"  Acrylic and India ink In this original version, you can see the texture of  the matboard coming through.  I really enjoyed the texture of the ground. Digitized painting 25" x 20" I vectorized and smoothed the painting in Illustrator,  and I really like these effects. Inverted color version:  light blue, Mediterranean blue, pink and red with white silhouettes.  This is a nice color change-up for spring and summer seasons. A grayscale version Glowing edges:  Cogs & Gears

Red-tailed Hawks & Great Blue Herons turning white

28 January 2007 photo by Young Cage Our red-tailed hawks' plumage turns white in the winter.  You can especially tell the season when you see them flying with wings outstretched. Copyright, John White, California Academy of Sciences Our Great Blue Heron turns whiter in winter.

Belted Kingfishers

Belted Kingfisher. Photo: Alan Murphy/Audubon Photography Awards These little guys love to visit our pond. Click on the lovely picture to read about these birds.

A few more February snow moments

Kids in Late February

Late February Snow, some magical glimpses