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Paintings: some finished, some in progress...

My next Art-o-mat series of Mini Masterpieces will be in honor of the great Joan Miro' so many great ideas here for Art-o-mat ------------------------------------------------------- Alex got a little excited when I hung up my painted gourds to dry on the porch. I am prepping these for Deck the Halls, a Sawtooth School for Visual Art Holiday Fundraiser These light-weight gourd ornaments are nowhere near finished.  They will eventually have a Mondrian palette:  red, blue, and yellow on white. --------------------------------------------------------------------------  I incorporating more mechanical elements into my subject matter.  All things steampunk and Industrial Revolution are finding their way into my work somehow these days. Kandinsky Bike Gears no. 1 Kandinsky Bike Gears no. 2 Started this Kandinsky-inspired gear painting this summer... Progress... Done! Some Kandinsky-esque backgrounds for some future paintings. -------------------------------------------------------------

Recent Sketches

Excited about the latest moleskine sketchbook arrival this August. Tiny key for a tiny hideaway Autumn leaves are falling Quick sketch of Notre Dame de Paris Rose Window This rose window version inked White hydrangeas I remember from Vermont this summer Key to someone's heart Various things Flowers on the plane with some high quality (!) Hello Kitty markers bought at the airport. Studio View

Halloweens Past & Present

Tips for Poll Workers: Make Your Day at the Polls a Success

Habits for Highly Effective Poll Workers First of all, know where your polling places are , and print yourself a map to get there the night before.  Put this map in your car.  Even if you forget your cell phone, you can still get to the polling place on the day you signed up to work the polls! In Guilford County, NC, all polling places are  here . For instance, the Bur Mill Club satellite polling place is located at 5834 Bur‐Mill Club Road, Greensboro.   Second, know what times your polling places are open .  Generally, polls are open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm during Early Voting.  Early Voting takes place in North Carolina on the following dates:   Thursday, October 23 - Saturday, October 25.  (Saturday has shortened hours.) Monday, October 27 - Saturday, November 1. (Saturday has shortened hours.) This means that the polls are closed on Sunday, October 26, and Sunday, November 2, and Monday, November 3.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 4.  Hours are 6:30 am - 7:30 pm. Third, make sure

Haunting Ladies

I love white marble sculpture, and I even found an old photograph from the early 20th century when photography was incredibly difficult and inexpressibly beautiful.  Most of these ladies are veiled.  While there are legends about veiled virgins, many of these women express a maturity or a sorrow merely through their body language.  The artist in each case captured their spirit in a breathtaking manner.  Just some inspiration for the Sketchbook blog...