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Art-o-mat Adventures across the USA

photo courtesy of Ann V. When you make art and send it out into the world, it is real treat to find out where your creation ends up.  This week, I received the kindest email from Ann V. Art-o-mat patron letter On a recent trip to our nation's capital, Ann purchased an Endearing Young Charms keychain at the Smithsonian American Art Museum .  Here's a shot of the Luce Foundation Center machine where Ann bought her keychain. photo courtesy of Art-o-mat Ann is a roller derby champion and outstanding art lover who took her keychain all the way from Washington, D.C., to Vancouver, Washington.  Here is her sweet note: Thank you, Ann, for joining the movement of folks enjoying accessible, affordable art.  You made this artist's day! Art-o-mat Sales Update Over the past couple months, I have received new green cards (a.k.a. "Activity Reports") detailing my sales for Art-o-mat at new locations across the United States. Here's an

Candle Making Fun

With all the hubbub of events surrounding Art-o-mat's 20th anniversary and other exciting art projects, I have neglected telling you about our candle making endeavors. Spring 2017 Batch This spring, Clarice opened a new online shop at Big Cartel .   She has been selling slow burning soy candles there and in-person. Here is a listing from her shop , above.  This is a 4 oz. Carolina blue candle made from soy wax.  It will take 28 hours to burn completely.  (That's a long time for such a small candle!) All her candles in this spring 2017 batch have the scent of SNICKERDOODLE cookie dough . Fall 2016 Batch Last fall, she made both multi-color crystal wax candles and single color soy candles. We still have a couple 4 oz crystal candles (with apple pie scent) for sale in my Big Cartel shop.  All of the other listings on this shop have sold out.  I hope to take these listings down soon and replace them with some crafts I've be

Craftic DIY Turquoise Feather Handbag Tutorial

I'm honored to tell you that I am the guest blogger today for's Tutorial Tuesday . Graphic courtesy of What is Craftic? Craftic is the online destination for craft projects and inspiration.  The brainchild of computer and tech genius Jen Refat, Craftic makes DIY projects very simple:  You start with the basics (your materials) and follow a recipe (a tutorial) to put together a successful project. If you are like me, you have probably tons a whole lot of craft supplies in your closet, on your bedroom floor, piled in boxes your family complains about  at the ready for projects that you have contemplated for some time. Got buttons , yarn , fabric , sewing supplies , paint , paper , beads ?  You can find an outstanding and straightforward project that will maximize your treasured craft material collections. DIY t urquoise feather on canvas handbag Today's tutorial features a blog post I created in January 2016.  I love to paint designs

Behind the Scenes at Delurk Gallery Show

I enjoyed opening night for the 2x2 show at Delurk Art Gallery last Friday night in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. The show featured Artists in Cellophane (Art-o-mat artists) with their small work for Art-o-mat alongside their larger format work.  These acrylic paintings are by Winston-Salem artist Dennis Wells , who is also very involved in Art For Art's Sake . Various Art-o-mat goodies were on display. Sarah Whittington is known for her wooden Whittles  as well as her floral series for Art-o-mat.  In fact, it's not unusual for Artists in Cellophane to create more than one series for the project. Winston-Salem artist and Delurk founder Chad Beroth paints figurative scenes representative of daily life and mental and emotional struggles.  His past work even chronicled his father's journey through dementia .  This child-like figure (above) drew me in. Cindy Taplin's large-scale acrylic landscapes glow with sumptuous brilliance. C

Getting ready for Winston-Salem art show

Plentiful, talented NC artists Sometimes I cannot believe the quantity and caliber of talented artists residing in my "neck of the woods."  People the world over know North Carolina for her writers (Thomas Wolfe, Jerry Bledsoe, Robert Morgan, Maya Angelou), her potters and her rich Appalachian folk arts heritage . If you are unfamiliar with native artisans of North Carolina, treat yourself just one example of a master blacksmith in this "Raw Craft" episode featuring Elizabeth Brim of Penland School of Crafts in the Blue Ridge mountains. Winston-Salem, NC I feel especially fortunate to live near the "City of Arts and Innovation," Winston-Salem, a center for creative talent.  Winston is home to the  Old Salem Historic District , the oldest Arts Council in the United States, and to Art-o-mat founder, Clark Whittington. Here is a map of the Twin Cities as detailed in 1891.  Click on the image to enlarge.  Zoom in to see each individual