Craftic DIY Turquoise Feather Handbag Tutorial

I'm honored to tell you that I am the guest blogger today for's Tutorial Tuesday.

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What is Craftic?

Craftic is the online destination for craft projects and inspiration.  The brainchild of computer and tech genius Jen Refat, Craftic makes DIY projects very simple:  You start with the basics (your materials) and follow a recipe (a tutorial) to put together a successful project.

If you are like me, you have probably tons a whole lot of craft supplies in your closet, on your bedroom floor, piled in boxes your family complains about at the ready for projects that you have contemplated for some time.

Got buttons, yarn, fabric, sewing supplies, paint, paper, beads?  You can find an outstanding and straightforward project that will maximize your treasured craft material collections.

DIY turquoise feather on canvas handbag

Today's tutorial features a blog post I created in January 2016.  I love to paint designs on canvas handbags, and it's really a treat to share these fun and simple projects with new audiences.

<p>It’s a new Tutorial Tuesday! Today’s guest post is from Nicole over @nicolettaarnolfini. She shows how to upcycle a plain old bag and make it your new favorite. Up on now! 💙✨ <a href=

You can check out the guest blog post on Craftic right now.

A word about supplies

When artist friends get together for a chat, their favorite topic is supplies.  That's because we know that sub-standard art supplies can produce disappointing results.  

Ever since New York-based working artist Ilan Leas turned me on to Uni-Posca paint markers, I have never used another brand.  (Or, when I have, I have been disappointed.)  

Uni-poscas are the best acrylic paint-based markers I have ever used.  They are not alcohol-based, and this is important.  Why?  Because alcohol-based markers will leave an oily residue on your canvas or ground.  

Uni-poscas also rarely drip, so you have lots of control over the final product.

They are imports from Japan, but currently you can buy them on amazon.

If you have had success with other brands of paint markers, please let me know in the Comments below or reach out via email at nicole (at) nicolettaarnolfini (dot) com.

Let me know

I hope you have a lot of fun checking out Craftic online and using your supplies to make gorgeous products.  Because canvas handbags work well in warm weather, I sport this handbag every day.  The black color makes it versatile for work and the weekend.

If you decide to make this design, let me know.  I would love to see a photo of your finished project. 

Keep creating!



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