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New Artomat Batch: Kandinsky

Here is my new batch of 50 Mini Masterpieces.  These are all Kandinskys.   I need to mail these off to Artomat . There are so many new machines around the US and the world!

Update: Works in Progress

Over the weekend, I "zentangled" each small yoga art painting. Here's Blue Om. Red Art Deco Lotus Green Tree of Life Yellow Lotus and here's a quick snapshot of my latest batch of Artomat mini Kandinskys.

Yoga Art

Blue Om Yellow Lotus Green Tree of Life  (symbol from Book of Kells) Art Deco Pink Lotus trading card Blue Lotus Blank small greeting card Dancing Lotus art trading card Red Art Deco Lotus (framed) Red Lotus Zentangle trading card Om Zentangle trading card Pink Lotus Zentangle blank greeting card