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New floral watercolor class on Skillshare

Happy Holidays I hope you have had a very good year. I am really looking forward to 2019, and hoping it will have not any hurricanes or record rainfall levels in it. (We have had a hard year in NC, USA in 2018, and this is why I have had to delay my new class releases -- forgive me!) New Watercolor Class Today is Christmas (Dec. 25), and as a special gift to you, I have uploaded a new class that's totally different from my abstract art classes. In this class, you will learn a simple method to paint a flower in watercolors. Then we will outline the flower and add a hand-lettered word of inspiration.   I paint these flowers for Art-o-mat and sell them all over the world. I hope you enjoy this class free free for the next few days. I will change settings to a paid class soon, so be sure to let folks know they can watch it free if they act now. Free just for a few days You can send friends and family this link to let them enjoy the class for free. 

Art-o-mat Lately

Mini Masterpieces Latest Batch This latest Art-o-mat batch for me was full of Mondrian and Matisse . This is my 8th batch of Mini Masterpieces for Art-o-mat. And I've been drawing on planes lately while on business trip.   A little turbulence can make you forget about punctuation! Clarice's Latest Batch of BoogerBrains Clarice also made a full set of 50 fall-themed BoogerBrains, also. Lots of Trick or Treat, sunflowers, Jack-o-lanterns,  fall scarves, and  and pumpkin spice lattes. Press for Art-o-mat Art-o-mat is a movement that brings affordable, accessible art to the public, for just $5 a pop.  That's why it's pretty cool to see that Art-o-mat has been highlighted by Forbes magazine as an amenity at America's luxury hotels.  Check out the article here . photo courtesy The Farmer's Daughter and Forbes Kind Letter from an Art-o-mat Patron It is a privilege to make art f

Avocato Tea Towel Challenge on Spoonflower

While we waited out Hurricane Florence, I tried to pour my nervous energy into painting a tea towel design for the Spoonflower challenge called "It's a Punderful Life." Spoonflower wants designers to enter themes that are plays on words and have original  hand lettering. I came up with a vibrant green and yellow color scheme for A-V-O-C-A-T-O.   I also added "purrr-fectly yum yum," to add another little pun.   It's a whole lot better to paint than worry about the hurricane damage in North Carolina. Voting begins September 20 and ends September 25 at 3 pm EDT.  You can vote here  when you choose "Punderful life" challenge.  Be sure to activate the checkmark, not just click the heart.  I appreciate your support!

Personalized Gifts by Art-o-mat Artists

 grateful that I belong to a network of artists who make beautiful work.  I have called on artist friends  Melanie Troutman Williams  and  Allison Stoner  recently to create some personalized gifts for special friends. Melanie Troutman  Melanie Troutman Williams  works out of her studio in downtown Winston-Salem.  It's a fun visit to see her because you can check out the  Art-o-mat  machine and lovely artwork at  Delurk Gallery  and grab a bite to eat at  6th and Vine restaurant . Melanie painted a Golden Retriever named Charlie for my friend, Denise.   Charlie was a very happy and sweet dog who lived a great life.   This painting honors Denise's memories of Charlie and keeps him with her every day. Earlier this year, Melanie also painted  Benji  (from the movie) for my best friend Julie's birthday. I remember watching Benji when I was a kid.   I wonder if Benji will ever come to Netflix or Amazon Prime. Allison Sto

Old School Hand Painted Vans: Cassette Tapes

I finally have finished these bad boys! This is my third pair of hand painted canvas shoes.  This is my first pair of Vans . I used a lot of geometric patterns on the sides. The front of the shoes say, "Love" and "Life" to remind folks that there's a lot to love about their lives.  (Be grateful for the little things!)  The hand lettering emanates from the cassette tape. I used an old school cassette tape design.  Generation Z folks will recognize the mix tape idea from the Netflix TV show  Stranger Things . My lines were reminiscent of soundwaves. The back says, "Side 1" and "Side 2."  Remember how we used to have to turn the tapes over? The sides say, "Play" and "Record." Does anyone remember how hard it was to scroll back the loose tape back into the cassette?   I always used a pencil to wind the tape back in, but my husband reminded me that yellow Bic pens did a b

Greenville, NC Art-o-mat Adventure: Emerge Gallery at Pitt County Arts Council

Earlier this week, I had the privilege to visit Emerge Gallery at the Pitt County Arts Council in beautiful downtown Greenville ,   North Carolina.   Please forgive the low light photo.  I visited in the late evening with my friend, Elaine Anderson. Here is the lovely Art-o-mat machine at the Arts Council. Elaine is an amazing REALTOR(R) and wonderful leader in civic and charitable organizations locally and all over our state.  She was a wonderful host to me and took me on a tour of downtown Greenville, which has undergone a Renaissance of revitalization.  The home of state-of-the-art medical facilities and East Carolina University , Greenville has become a favored relocation destination in our state. Again, please forgive the low lighting here.  The knobs are beautiful and vintage on these recycled cigarette machines.  Now made to vend handmade art instead of cigarettes, the machine offers affordable and accessible culture experiences for the low, low pr