Avocato Tea Towel Challenge on Spoonflower

While we waited out Hurricane Florence, I tried to pour my nervous energy into painting a tea towel design for the Spoonflower challenge called "It's a Punderful Life."
Spoonflower wants designers to enter themes that are plays on words and have original  hand lettering.

I came up with a vibrant green and yellow color scheme for A-V-O-C-A-T-O.  

I also added "purrr-fectly yum yum," to add another little pun.  
It's a whole lot better to paint than worry about the hurricane damage in North Carolina.

Voting begins September 20 and ends September 25 at 3 pm EDT.  You can vote here when you choose "Punderful life" challenge.  Be sure to activate the checkmark, not just click the heart.  I appreciate your support!


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