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January Artomat Little Inspirations series

In January 2020, I sent off another series of hand painted ornaments to Artomat . Each wooden round is cut from either maple or oak wood. Every ornament has an original watercolor flower,  a vintage stamp (usually international),  and an inspiring word or phrase because these are from my Little Inspirations series:  floral fun + an inspiring word. I hope you enjoy these little delights.

Wee Forest Folk: Little Gnomes

In fall 2019, I created a series of wooden egg people called Wee Forest Folk . These little gnomes are based on people I actually know in real life or names my family has made up around the house.  We all have special names for each other, with a Dickensian twist. All of these natural, sustainable, & non-toxic toys have sold at the Owl & Rabbit Gallery in Burlington, NC. Elmer Oakenhurst has my Dad's handlebar mustache.  I hand-painted little gems from the forest floor on his body. Niven Evensong was named for a man who worked for my Dad when I was just a child.  In real life, Niven gave me a Western Barbie when I was just 3 years old.  This Wee Forest Folk Niven is in charge of constellations and the magic of the outdoors during the night. Lovey McDuffins is a name that we call my youngest child, Nate, our baby who is just 2 years old.  Just like Nate, Lovey spreads love and cheer to all who know him.  He name is also a throwback to Lovey H