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Crowdsourcing art

Ever seen a cigarette machine that dispenses art?  The project that re-purposes old cigarette machines is called  Art-o-mat , and Art-o-mat was crowdsourcing art production, exhibition, and sales before crowdsourcing was cool.  My daughter, Clarice, and I decided this summer to work on some pieces for Art-o-mat.  We are currently in production, but we will post images soon of our artwork.  Artists in Cellophane (the founder of Art-o-mat) are currently seeking more artists for an expanding number of Art-o-mat machines, placed all around the United States.  Keep your fingers crossed that we get accepted!  To read more about the Art-o-mat revolution of making art accessible (for the low, low price of $5 a pop!), click here or check out their Facebook page. Another great crowdsourcing art organization is The Sketchbook Project .  They host a succession of interesting projects, and are currently seeking entries for A Million Little Pictures .  Clarice has already received her analog camer