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Latest inspirational series work

Used a little time at the beach to catch up on my new inspirational series for Art-o-mat . Close up of painted blocks 22 down.  28 to go! Here are my sketches using Sakura gellyroll white pen on black cardstock.  I will miss these beautiful hardwood floors at my mom's beachhouse.


Alex's babysitter, Ginny, has moved away.  She has been a big part of his life since he was born!  We will miss her so much and wish her every good thing in her home.

Inspirational images

I've compiled a lot of images that have piqued my curiosity and influenced my art this spring.  If you like the images, please see the social media accounts (or attributions) to learn more about the original artists or photographers.   Non-attributed photos taken by me. Twitter account: @carvh12 The above 3 photos are by photographer Rodney Smith. original couple from "American Gothic" (USA Today file photo) Disney

Sketches & Artwork

You can see some of my process occurring as you scroll through the sketches and on to the final products.   I've started a new series for Art-o-mat.  It is an inspirational series with floral and geometric graphics.   I loved making the discovery of Sakura's gellyroll pens.  Very thankful to an artist on Instagram for sharing some work with these "ice cream smooth" pens.