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Hand Lettering Practice

Just trying out a new hand.  This time, I was going to for a modern style.   You can see the difference from my traditional calligraphy Italic hand posted here . With this hand, I did not use my calligraphy pen and ink. Instead, I created the vision of what I wanted the letters to look like. Then I used Tombow brand pens to achieve a more fun and modern approach. With Sharpie fine tips markers , I filled in the address.   Then back to the Tombows for the zip code. I added floral flourishes because that's a trademark of my work. Next, I would really like to figure out if I can add watercolor (or ink) to the floral decorative elements.   This would be an option to color coordinate with a planned event (the bride's favorite color or the color of the bridesmaids' dresses, etc.). Let me know if you are trying any hand lettering tricks and what products you enjoy the most.

Calligraphy Practice

Lately for fun, I have practiced with actual calligraphy pens... creating some samples for  addressed invitations.  This is a modified but traditional Italic hand below. This practice may come in handy one day with some events on the horizon.   I hope to add some new, more original and modern hands soon to my sample collection. I enjoy hand-lettering with inspirational words as an embellishment to my watercolor floral series.  I usually create those letters by pencil sketch and then add the ink with layers of fine pens.  My goal is to get this "hand" represented below in my sample collection soon because this style would work well as table cards.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am privileged to work for a company that not only helps our members, NC REALTORS® , but also cares about the community. Today, we dedicated a Staff Appreciation Day to making Valentines for nursing home residents at Pennybyrn at Maryfield in Jamestown, North Carolina. We referenced this Craftic tutorial   to get our creative juices flowing and learn what materials to purchase.   If you love crafts and are looking for inspiration, check out the Craftic website for great ideas.   I think Caroline did this pretty one! This truly heartwarming activity brought our staff together for some laughter, fun, and handmade hard work. Our budget was $100, but we didn't use it all because we hit the $1.00 bin at Target.  Here were our materials: White cards/envelope packets Red cards/envelope packets Markers Washi tape Scrapbook paper Glue sticks Puff paint Glitter glue Old Valentine cards from previous years Valentine's stickers Stamps R

Art Podcasts + an app worth sharing

I wanted to share this techie edition of my monthly newsletter, Creative Break, which features art podcasts and one app you will want to explore. Enjoy these  things worth sharing ! 1. The  Artcurious  podcast provides interesting deep dives into art, history and even stolen paintings.  You will want to add this award-winning podcast to your playlist. 2.  Arts advocate Myka Burke interviews several  female artists  in individual interviews on her podcast celebrating the  Articulations  exhibit from late 2017 in Canada. 3.  Art teachers and those who work with children should not miss the Art of Education Radio podcasts featuring topics like science-based art or taking risks  in the curriculum. 4.  The NC Arts Council has rolled out a new podcast focused on makers from the state.  Check out the 50 for 50 programs  here . 5.  The new  Google Arts and Culture  app's selfie/art matchup feature went viral in late January 2018.  Check it out if you haven't already.  I am evidently t