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Tornado Damage at Steve's parent's house

Rosie's room is scary because there is a 2x4 with nails coming through the wall. If someone had been sitting at the desk, she would have sustained damage. The windows are completely blown open. This front room is hard to look at because Mom always keeps it so nice. Debris all over floor. Window is now covered on outside with a quilt. Piano (behind me, not in picture) has debris attached to it. Front & one side of their house has all windows knocked out. We are thankful that Mom & Dad were in the basement. Almost every single tree is down in their yard, along with every barn. The neighbors' damage is terrible.

Green & pink plaid dress

Clarice is looking very spring-y for school today in her pink & green plaid dress.

New duds!

Thank you, Mimi, for the beautiful new clothes! Rose dress Clarice with her science project Sunflower seeds science project for 1st grade new pink jacket and purse "diamond" outfit for the stone on her waistband flower