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April 2016 Kandinsky Calendar page

I hope you enjoy this printable calendar page.  To download and print as a pdf, please click here .

Just a beautiful day

Alex had a lovely day, picking bluets by the pond.  Happy spring! And a couple days later was Easter Sunday.  Here are Alex and Clarice, bringing you Happy Easter greetings.

Possibly the Best Art-o-carton Ever

For my second MoDeRn ArT workshop on Skillshare , the grand prize giveaway is this Art-o-carton from Art-o-mat. (a $100 value) This carton has works from these amazing Artists in Cellophane: David Franke :  Mind's Eye Dennis Wells : modern art Melanie T. Williams :  Doggone series Sharon Hardin :  Watercolor Kettle , a.k.a. John Soukup Mary Ann Huster : Guit-art Cheryl Alt :  Alt-er-nat-ive Art Anne Thalheimer :  My Monster Hat Dean Konop :  Something Fishy Christie Linard : Original Abstract Paintings This collection of mini-paintings is power-packed with vibrant colors and inspiring compositions. One hardworking student in my Abstract Art class  will win this collection. To learn more about Artists in Cellophane, check out the Art-o-mat website .  I am really proud to be a part of this community of artists who believe that art should be accessible to all.

Giveaway Details for 2 week MoDeRn Art Challenge

I hope you will join us for another workshop in my Skillshare class on Abstract Art .  This two-week workshop begins Sunday, March 27, and ends Saturday, April 9.  On Sunday, April 10, I will publish the winners of three giveaways.  I am so excited to tell you about these prizes, because the artists behind them are amazing. Sophie Roach Original Design T-shirt The first prize introduces our class to the Austin, Texas artist, Sophie Roach .  Sophie's work includes clients include Nike, Converse, Fiat, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Uber and MiO. One student will win an XL t-shirt with an original design by Sophie.  (valued at $30) (photo courtesy of Sophie Roach) Sophie is known for her vibrantly colorful, rhythmic, and imaginative designs.  To see her current work, check out her Instagram account . Ilan Leas Original Archival Drawing on Paper Another prize for one hardworking student is an original drawing by New York artist Ilan Leas.  His geometric, z

Modern Art Challenge: Nuff's Project

Photo of a portion of Nuff's "Grey Haze" (above)  During my first MoDeRn Art Challenge workshop for my Abstract Art class on Skillshare , my students continually amazed me with the diversity of their interests and the depth of their talent. Today, I share with you the progress made by one of my students, Nuff , who is an graphic designer.  (Check out his outstanding portfolio   and award-winning designs .) Nuff's style cuts through the turbulence of modern life to achieve a streamlined, universal elegance.  He translated this same style into his fine art work in this course. First, Nuff chose the deep themes of  Silence ,  Solitude , and  Hope and Despair (especially their intersection). Nuff's music choice, Joep Beving's " The Light She Brings ," audibly resonate the themes he explored in his work. Although I work in this class from a Kandinsky piece, I encourage students to explore other artists who speak to them

Inspirational Reading: A Story of Determination and Beauty

While sketching away, I like to listen to books on Audible.   I have just finished Amy Morin's 13 Things that Mentally Strong People Don't Do .   Her chapter on not wasting energy on things you can't control really spoke to me.  There is something in this book for all personality types and personal backgrounds.   In every chapter, Amy Morin incorporated relevant human experiences demonstrating mentally strong characteristics.  Below you will find my one of my favorite inspirational stories from the book. Othmar Ammann,  American Civil Engineer and Architect photo courtesy of ASCE Morin introduced Ammann in Chapter six as someone who understood that to be extraordinary, he would have to risk his comfortable job and respected reputation.  Ammann spent most of his adult life, including almost ten years with the New York Port Authority, as a Civil Engineer.  His lifelong dream, however, was to become an architect.  He risked everything to st

Modern Art Challenge: Cari's Project

This is a portion of Cari's final painting, which she titled "On Pink." I am honored to share with you the progress that my students are making in my online  Abstract Art class , hosted by Skillshare.  Today, I want to highlight the outstanding work of Cari.  You can view her complete  project here . Painting abstract art is not new to Cari, and she really likes Kandinsky.  She chose this reference work below.  The diagonal lines, colors, and shapes spoke to her. "On White II" by Kandinksy, 1923 Cari did not know her color scheme yet, but forged ahead with pencil sketches.  Sketching is the artist's tool for playful invention.  When sketching, you mentally allow yourself to process the research you have gathered.  Then, you look at your compositional elements and decide what speaks to you at that moment.  Cari's sketches led to the inevitable success of her finished work. Next, Cari added some color to her sketching, and

Art-o-mat Live Demo at Travel South USA

On Sunday, March 6, Clarice and I painted live as Artists in Cellophane, also known as Artomat artists.  Artomat was featured by Visit Winston-Salem , the Convention and Visitor's Bureau, at a booth for the Travel South USA show at Benton Convention Center in downtown Winston-Salem.   Clarice and I work on artwork for a refurbished cigarette machine that now vends art behind us.  Artomat was born in Winston-Salem and is the brainchild of Clark Whittington .   WXII TV videos Clarice hard at work on her Artomat collection. Herbs loves Krispy Kreme  with headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC.   We met Frank Neef , master potter from Seagrove, NC , the pottery capital of the  nation.  Frank specializes in a crystalline glaze over cutwork pottery.  We promised to visit his studio during Seagrove's Celebration of Spring with open studios on April 16-17. Blues Band at Travel South USA March 6 2016 from Nicole Arnold on Vime o .