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Showing posts from May, 2010

Celtic Seahorse

I actually like my seahorse better than my snake. Maybe that's because it's closer to the original bronze design from the early 4th century B.C. I added a few things to change this from a griffin's head design to a seahorse.

Illustration Friday: Slither

Ever since seeing THE SECRET OF KELLS, I've been interested in Celtic designs & illuminated manuscripts. Added some knotwork and animal features to this "S"sketch as my entry this week for Illustration Friday 's "Slither."

Food art by Clarice

Summer Cakes: maple leaf, pink rose face down, begonia leaf Small Special Salad Delight (English ivy leaf, boxwood sprigs, pink rose petals) Small Special Salad w/ fork from maple branch Clarice with Pink Donuts & Summer Cakes .

Last Day of 1st Grade

Hard day for a Mommy & Daddy... last day of 1st grade for Clarice.

More pics from May

Twirling in her plaid dress from Grandma Arnold. Exploring our yard. New hairbow Climbing the dogwood tree.

Late April pics

Clarice makes "food creations" from flowers outside. These are "meals" that she "cooks" when she plays Mother & Son with Steve. Steve helps Clarice ride Mommy's bike! Clarice on Mommy's bike.

Bubble time with Daddy