Possibly the Best Art-o-carton Ever

For my second MoDeRn ArT workshop on Skillshare, the grand prize giveaway is this Art-o-carton from Art-o-mat. (a $100 value)

This carton has works from these amazing Artists in Cellophane:
David Franke:  Mind's Eye
Dennis Wells: modern art
Melanie T. Williams:  Doggone series
Sharon Hardin:  Watercolor
Kettle, a.k.a. John Soukup
Mary Ann Huster: Guit-art
Cheryl Alt:  Alt-er-nat-ive Art
Anne Thalheimer:  My Monster Hat
Dean Konop:  Something Fishy
Christie Linard: Original Abstract Paintings

This collection of mini-paintings is power-packed with vibrant colors and inspiring compositions.

One hardworking student in my Abstract Art class will win this collection.

To learn more about Artists in Cellophane, check out the Art-o-mat website.  I am really proud to be a part of this community of artists who believe that art should be accessible to all.


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