Hand Lettering Practice

Just trying out a new hand.  This time, I was going to for a modern style.  
You can see the difference from my traditional calligraphy Italic hand posted here.

With this hand, I did not use my calligraphy pen and ink.
Instead, I created the vision of what I wanted the letters to look like.
Then I used Tombow brand pens to achieve a more fun and modern approach.

With Sharpie fine tips markers, I filled in the address.  
Then back to the Tombows for the zip code.

I added floral flourishes because that's a trademark of my work.
Next, I would really like to figure out if I can add watercolor (or ink) to the floral decorative elements.  
This would be an option to color coordinate with a planned event (the bride's favorite color or the color of the bridesmaids' dresses, etc.).

Let me know if you are trying any hand lettering tricks and what products you enjoy the most.


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