Personalized Gifts by Art-o-mat Artists

 grateful that I belong to a network of artists who make beautiful work.  I have called on artist friends Melanie Troutman Williams and Allison Stoner recently to create some personalized gifts for special friends.

Melanie Troutman 

Melanie Troutman Williams works out of her studio in downtown Winston-Salem.  It's a fun visit to see her because you can check out the Art-o-mat machine and lovely artwork at Delurk Gallery and grab a bite to eat at 6th and Vine restaurant.

Melanie painted a Golden Retriever named Charlie for my friend, Denise.  

Charlie was a very happy and sweet dog who lived a great life.  

This painting honors Denise's memories of Charlie and keeps him with her every day.

Earlier this year, Melanie also painted Benji (from the movie) for my best friend Julie's birthday.

I remember watching Benji when I was a kid.  
I wonder if Benji will ever come to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Allison Stoner

Allison makes wire sculpture flowers, both large and small (for Art-o-mat).  

Here is one of Allison's large wire sculptures.  
Photo courtesy of Allison's Instagram account.

I recently vended a small sculpture for a co-worker who has lost her husband.

I appreciate these meaningful gifts so much, and 
I know they made a positive impact in the lives of my friends.

Have you given the gift of personalized art recently?  
Drop me a line if you need recommendations!


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