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Behind the Scenes at Delurk Gallery Show

I enjoyed opening night for the 2x2 show at Delurk Art Gallery last Friday night in downtown Winston-Salem, NC.

The show featured Artists in Cellophane (Art-o-mat artists) with their small work for Art-o-mat alongside their larger format work.  These acrylic paintings are by Winston-Salem artist Dennis Wells, who is also very involved in Art For Art's Sake.

Various Art-o-mat goodies were on display.

Sarah Whittington is known for her wooden Whittles as well as her floral series for Art-o-mat.  In fact, it's not unusual for Artists in Cellophane to create more than one series for the project.

Winston-Salem artist and Delurk founder Chad Beroth paints figurative scenes representative of daily life and mental and emotional struggles.  His past work even chronicled his father's journey through dementia.  This child-like figure (above) drew me in.

Cindy Taplin's large-scale acrylic landscapes glow with sumptuous brilliance.

Clarice posed with her tiny BoogerBrain sculpture and her Red Poppies painting.

Sharon Hardin's highly desired watercolor small works were sold out as soon as the evening began.

Clarice and Clark enjoyed the show.

Clark was on duty all night!

Marie Stone Van Vuuren's realistic and color-infused work was stunning.

Clarice's favorite paintings were by Melanie Troutman-Williams who paints dog portraits.

NC artist Mona Wu's bird linocuts make a very popular series in Art-o-mat machines.

The Patrick Harris had fun with this rendering of Jacques Cousteau.

Artist Holly Swenson paints animal large scale work and creates small necklaces for Art-o-mat.  She also works in the Art-o-mat studio.  Plus, she wore the most awesome shirt of any attendee on Friday evening.

We also admired the student work on exhibit.

UNC Charlotte students' work proved arresting and powerful.


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