DIY: Embellished Feather Handbag

Over this snowy weekend, I had the opportunity to embellish a handbag with a Zentangle-ish feather design.  I have been thinking of how I would decorate this canvas bag for at least a couple months.  This was a super-easy project, and I've shared the steps with you, in case you would like to make a similar design.

First, I made my canvas, crossbody bag purchase at good old  (Thanks, Jeff Bezos!)  I picked one that was affordable and fashionable, and an ipad fits in here with room to spare!

I would love to tell you that I spent the last two months sketching out potential designs in painstaking detail in preparation for this project.  Alas, I did not do this.  

However, I have kept a sharp eye out for beautiful designs to inspire my work.  In particular, I love Riverluna's designs in her Etsy shop as well as SutilDesigns' more natural-looking feather template.  

Second, I sketched a feather design with a white colored pencil.  I chose a diagonal orientation to compliment the dragon logo imprinted on the the leather circle on the lower right corner of the front flap.  Next, I outlined my feather design with a silver Posca fabric marker.  (I love these Posca markers.)

I left some parts of the feather open for a light blue turquoise Posca marker.  My feather blends a realistic feather with a stylized, geometric pattern.  

At this point, I asked my daughter, Clarice, if I should stop here, or if I should continue with more designs.  She opted for more.

I added some s-curves with arrows and tiny triangles and silver dots around the feather.  I was glad I took Clarice's suggestion to embellish further because I felt the curved lines echoed the feather's lines and added a sense of spontaneous inspiration and sparkling creativity.

If you make a similar project, please let me know your color and design choices.  I would love to see your pictures.

Happy art-making!


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